Country Will Never Know The Truth Of Pulwama: Satypal Malik

The country won’t ever be informed of our official blunders in Pulwama, and neither the PM will speak about it: Satyapal Malik

Watch Satyapal Malik’s another interview on Ravish Kumar’s official YouTube Channel:

In an interview with veteran journalist and former NDTV executive editor Ravish Kumar, former governor of Jammu and Kashmir Satyapal Malik provided additional details about the Pulwama attack.

Country Will Never Know The Truth Of Pulwama: Satypal Malik

Country Will Never Know The Truth Of Pulwama: Satypal Malik

Malik claimed that India’s mistakes caused the attack in a previous interview with Karan Thapar for “The Wire.”

In the conversation with Kumar, Malik reaffirmed this and claimed that he had told Prime Minister Narendra Modi concerning these errors but had been told to keep quiet.

Only a few media outlets, according to Malik, properly covered his interview with Karan Thapar, and the media as a whole failed to do so.

According to Ravish Kumar, he spoke with Malik to demonstrate that he had researched the topic and was not uninformed about it.

CRPF Request Was Turned Down By Home Ministry

Before the attack in Pulwama, the CRPF requested five military aircraft for the transportation of its soldiers, but the Home Ministry refused to provide them, according to Malik. Other mistakes, he added, included the fact that the military convoy took the road rather than the recommended air route. There were no checkpoints or patrol cars to look at the cars on the road.

“Why did the 900-man military convoy choose to travel by road rather than by air should be investigated. Why wasn’t the protocol followed, which calls for a Gipsy to stop traffic ahead of the convoy and allow the convoy to proceed first before allowing traffic to resume moving?” Malik remarked.

On Ajit Doval

Ajit Doval, the NSA, had called Malik and asked him to refrain from talking about the mistakes made by the government, Malik continued. Malik claimed that the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, had also called and asked him to keep quiet.

PM Modi Asked Me To Stay Silent

Soon after the incident, PM Modi called and asked me to remain silent after I admitted our errors. However, by that point, I had already given the press release to a few media outlets,” Malik said.

Country Will Never Know The Truth Of Pulwama: Satypal Malik

Country Will Never Know The Truth Of Pulwama: Satypal Malik

When questioned about whether the J&K Police alter the day ahead of the attack was connected to the attacks, Malik said it was inaccurate and that if there had been any such progress, he might have been informed of it.

On Intelligence Failure

Additionally, Ravish Kumar questioned Malik about the veracity of the media reports alleging intelligence failure. In his response, Satyapal hinted at the possibility but did not entirely exclude it. He also said that since he was the state’s governor, he believed that he was also responsible for the attacks.

“It might be an intelligence breakdown. Throughout the state for ten days, the explosives-laden vehicle remained undiscovered. Why weren’t the link roads manned if there had been intelligence warnings of a potential attack for a month, as the media has reported? When the attack occurred, I was unaware of the CRPF’s movements,” he questioned. Following the attacks, I learned about it.

In addition, Malik said that Pakistan was to blame for the acts of violence and that local vendors could not have obtained such a large quantity of explosives. He claimed that if he had taken a position against the Central government, he would have been accused of being anti-national, so he complied when asked to keep quiet.

On PM’s Silence

The PM’s refusal to speak out prevents the public from learning the truth, which is Malik’s complaint. “We could have acknowledged our mistakes, but we chose not to,” Malik said.

The Pulwama attack happened on February 14, 2019, when a security personnel-carrying convoy was targeted in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama district by a suicide attacker. 40 members of the CRPF were killed in the attack.

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