I Pick Imprisonment Over Apologizing For Speaking The Truth : Rahul Gandhi

Rahul quotes Mahatma Gandhi in a tweet about truth and non-violence following his conviction in a defamation case

Rahul Gandhi’s initial response following his conviction was to share a quote from Mahatma Gandhi on Twitter.

Rahul Gandhi was granted bail and the sentence was postponed for 30 days by the court so that he could file an appeal with a higher court.
After a court in Surat, Gujarat, sentenced him to two years in prison in a criminal defamation case related to his “Modi surname” remarks, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi quoted Gandhi Ji in a tweet about truth and nonviolence.

“My religion is founded on the principles of truth and nonviolence. Truth is my God, and nonviolence is how I get it – Mahatma Gandhi,” shortly after the court decision, the Congress leader said in a Hindi tweet.

Following the verdict in the criminal defamation case brought against Rahul Gandhi due to his remarks about the “Modi surname,” Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra tweeted.”My brother has never experienced fear and will never experience fear,” she wrote.
“He has spent his entire life and will continue to tell the truth. He will continue to speak out on behalf of the citizens of the country “She added.

In a criminal defamation case stemming from his “Modi surname” remark during an election rally in Karnataka ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha election, Gandhi was sentenced to two years in prison by Chief Judicial Magistrate HH Varma.
The court sentenced Gandhi under sections 499 and 500 of the Indian Penal Code, which deals with criminal defamation, according to the Congress leader’s lawyer, Babu Mangukiya.

Rahul Gandhi was present in the courtroom when the decision was made.

Based on a complaint filed by BJP MLA and former Gujarat minister Purnesh Modi, the case was filed against Gandhi for his alleged “how come all the thieves have Modi as the common surname?” remarks.

Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, claimed there was a “conspiracy” to “finish” opposition figures.
“Opposition leaders and parties are being targeted for eradication. There is a plot to bring charges against leaders of non-BJP parties. I disagree with Rahul Gandhi, but dragging him into a defamation suit is wrong. I respect the court’s decision, but I disagree with it,” said Mr. Kejriwal.

Meanwhile, Congress chief Malikarjun Kharge said the party will seek legal recourse to challenge the conviction.
“He has been released on bail. We knew from the start because they kept switching judges. We believe in the rule of law and the judiciary, and we will fight this by law,” according to news agency ANI, Mr. Kharge stated.

Mr. Gandhi’s lawyer has argued that the complainant in the case should have been PM Modi, not Purnesh Modi because the PM was the main target of Mr. Gandhi’s speech. The lawyer went on to say that the court’s proceedings had been “flawed” from the start.

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