New IPL Rule: How is it going to change the game?

IPL 2023 Rule Change: Earlier, skippers of both teams were required to exchange squad lists before the toss; this time, they will do so shortly following the toss.

Captains in the Indian Premier League (IPL) will now be allowed to walk around with two different team sheets, a significant change in the rules.

New IPL Rule: How is it going to change the game?

New IPL Rule: How is it going to change the game?

Therefore, in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023, team captains will enter the field with two different team sheets before submitting their final playing XI. They can now hand over the sheet to the opposing captain after determining whether they will bowl or bat first.

The IPL’s playing rules will soon be communicated to the teams, one of the biggest changes from the previous season. An internal statement from the IPL describing the numerous changes to playing conditions said the change would allow teams to select their best XIs based on whether they end up batting or bowling, with the appropriate impact players included.

The IPL organizers believe that this rule will allow the ten franchises competing in the competition to select their best XIs regardless of other factors such as dew. This isn’t the first time a rule like this has been implemented in a T20 league. Previously, the SA20, which is modeled after the IPL included this rule in its inaugural season.

The move also lessens the impact of the coin toss, as SA 20’s director and former South African captain Graeme Smith pointed out.
This year’s IPL 2023 is set to begin on March 31, with the defending champions Gujarat Titans taking on Chennai Super Kings in the tournament opener at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. This will be the first match in which the new rules will be put into action.

Other significant changes include the imposition starting this year of an over-rate penalty of just four fielders outside the 30-yard circle for each bowler who bowls after the allotted time has expired. Furthermore, “unfair movement” by a fielder or wicket keeper will result in a dead ball and a five-run penalty under the new rules.

After the COVID-19 pandemic forced the organizers to limit the competition to fewer venues in the previous seasons to reduce the risk of the virus being spread through travel, the IPL will return to its traditional home and away format this year.

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