India gave a list of Khalistani Operatives to Canada’s PM Trudeau in 2018

In February 2018, Trudeau traveled to India and made a pilgrimage to the Golden Temple in Amritsar. At the time, the state government made every effort to welcome Trudeau. India gave a list of Khalistani operatives to Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau, that had nine Khalistani agents, which included the extremist Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

India gave a list of Khalistani Operatives

On June 18, the leader of the Khalistan Tiger Force, Hardeep Nijjar, died from a gunshot wound in a parking lot near a Gurdwara in Surrey, British Columbia.

After Trudeau suggested India may potentially involved in the murder of Nijjar, tensions between India and Canada grew on Monday. Canada then expelled an Indian official from its territory. In retaliation, India dismissed a high-ranking Canadian diplomat from the nation on Tuesday, calling the accusations made by Canada “ridiculous” and “motivated.”

The agents seemed charged with several offenses, including terrorist acts. They included Gurjinder Singh Pannu, Malkeet Singh alias Fauji, Gurjeet Singh Cheema, Hardeep Singh Nijjar, Gurpreet Singh, and others. Canada isn’t yet taking any significant action to stop them.

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List of terrorists

# Gurjeet Singh Cheema: Currently residing in Brampton, Canada, Cheema is originally from Jogi Cheema in the Punjabi city of Gurdaspur. Cheema, who is currently a citizen of Canada, is a member of the Singh Khalsa Sewa Club in Brampton, Toronto, and an activist for the International Sikh Youth Federation. He took part in radicalizing, inspiring, enlisting, and funding Sikh youths to commit intentional murders in Punjab.

# Gurpreet Singh: Gurpreet, a native of Moga, is living in Ontario, Canada. He is an ISYF activist as well. Singh holds Canadian citizenship and participates actively in Singh Khalsa Sewa Club in Toronto. He took part in radicalizing, inspiring, enlisting, and funding Sikh youth to commit targeted killings in Punjab.

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# Hardeep Singh Nijjar: Nijjar resided in Surrey, British Columbia, despite being a native of Phillaur, Jalandhar. On June 18, Nijjar was fatally shot in a parking lot near a Gurdwara in Surrey, British Columbia. In 2014, he organized a five-person KTF module and collected money to purchase arms for intentional murders. Nijjar obtained one thousand CAD from Canada in 2014 to raise the unit and buy weapons.

# Gurjinder Singh Pannu: Originally from Tarn Taran’s Naushehra Pannuan, Pannu lives in Hamilton, Canada. He holds Canadian citizenship and participates actively in the Singh Khalsa Sewa Club and the ISYF. In addition, he raised money to operationalize terrorist module members while radicalizing young Sikhs.

# Malkeet Singh: Malkeet, also known as Fauji, is a former resident of Talwandi Nahar in Amritsar who now resides in Surrey, Canada. He belongs to the Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) organization. Malkeet participated in radicalization, inspiration, recruitment, and financial support. In 2014, he purchased weapons from Uttar Pradesh to activate a terrorist module.

# Parvikar Singh Dulai: A Surrey resident and Canadian national, Dulai is an ISYF activist. In November 2015 and November 2016, he travelled to Pakistan. Dulai keeps in touch regularly with the ISI-backed Khalistani militants in Pakistan with Ranjeet Singh, the KZF’s leader.

# Bhagat Singh Brar: A Canadian national and the son of Pakistan-based Lakhbir Singh Rode, Bhagat has ties to Canada-based Hardeep Singh Nijjar (KTF’s chief). He participated in arranging a terrorist assault in India during his 2015 visit to Pakistan.

# Tehal Singh: Tehal alias Tut resides in the Paragpur neighborhood of the Jalandhar district. He is Sulinder Singh’s close friend. He has been encouraging young people in Punjab to resurrect militancy along with Gurjit Singh Cheema, Gurpreet Singh Brar, Sulinder Singh, and others.

# Sulinder Singh: Sulinder, an ISYF activist, resides in Brampton, Canada. In 2016–17, he and Gurjeet Singh Cheema inspired Sikh youth in Punjab to engage in terrorist activities there.

# Hardeep Sohota: Sohota, a Canadian citizen, resides in Surrey. He has links to Surrey residents and KLF activists Satinder Pal Singh Gill, Parvikar Parry Dulai, and Moninder Bual. Additionally, he travels to Pakistan, where he meets with Sikh militants.

As the diplomatic ties between the two countries hit an all-time low over the assassination of Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, the Indian government continues to accuse Canada of not facilitating the extradition of Khalistani extremists and safeguarding them instead.

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