Karnataka Elections: Rahul Gandhi Rides In A Bus In Bengaluru

Rahul Gandhi rides a bus in Bengaluru, interacting with students and female passengers

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, once again chose a creative strategy to engage locals in Bangalore on the final day of the Karnataka assembly election campaign. He spoke with students and working women while riding a BMTC bus.

Karnataka Elections: Rahul Gandhi Rides In A Bus In Bengaluru

Karnataka Elections: Rahul Gandhi Rides In A Bus In Bengaluru

Rahul Gandhi saw chatting with working women and college students

Rahul Gandhi, the party’s leader, was seen chatting with working women and college students in one of the videos the Congress party posted on its social media account on Monday. On Cunningham Road in Bengaluru, the former party leader first stopped for a cup of coffee at a “Cafe Coffee Day” location.

Rahul Gandhi interacts with students and female passengers in local bus

Later, at a bus stop run by the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), he was observed mingling with a group of college students and working women.

Rahul Gandhi’s conversation with a female passenger

After that, he boarded a BMTC bus and began conversing with the female passengers.

He could be heard asking, “Where are you all going?” Rahul Gandhi greeted them and said, “Namaste,” as well as asked how their loved ones were doing.

One of the women described her ordeal, stating, “He said he was shivering…He was a very kind man who was intelligent and modest.

Could I see his photo? Gandhi continued to ask questions.

He further inquired about the challenges the women encountered while traveling. He questioned, “What is the most challenging situation you face as a woman?”

The women discussed their budgetary concerns as well as their transportation problems with him.

Before the assembly elections in Karnataka, Rahul Gandhi discussed the party’s platform and stated, “In our manifesto, we have an initiative for women in which all bus rides in Karnataka are going to be free of charge. Are you in favor of the idea?

At Lingarajapuram, Gandhi then disembarked from the bus.

Rahul Gandhi’s Tweet

“Experienced a typical Bengaluru activity with some amazing Karnataka women on a BMTC bus. With the five promises of the Congress, we’re determined to improve their lives, Mr. Gandhi tweeted.

Karnataka State Assembly Election 2023

He has so far spoken at several election rallies in Karnataka. The campaigning has concluded today.

The state of Karnataka will hold elections on May 10 and count the votes on May 13.

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