Kerala To Teach Mughals, RSS, and Gandhi

Kerala is likely to teach the NCERT’s omitted material in public schools

Recently, the NCERT removed from its class 12 history textbook certain sections on Mahatma Gandhi and how his efforts to promote Hindu-Muslim unity “provoked Hindu extremists” in the name of rationalizing the curriculum.

The recent decision of the Kerala Govt. regarding deleting the syllabus from NCERT

Kerala students are likely to learn the material that the NCERT removed from its class 11 and class 12 textbooks, including the material relating to Mahatma Gandhi’s murder and the outlawing of the RSS. Mahatma Gandhi’s pursuit of Hindu-Muslim unity and how it “provoked Hindu extremists” were topics that the NCERT recently removed from its class 12 history textbook in rationalizing the curriculum.

It omitted the section after Gandhi’s murder when the government banned the RSS. A controversy has arisen over the revision of textbooks that obscure facts.

SCERT Decision

The State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT), an independent arm of the General Education Department, is deliberating whether to reinstate these portions in the state curriculum.

General Education Minister V. Sivankutty will make a final decision on the matter after consulting with the government and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, according to the committee which met on Tuesday.

General Education Minister V. Sivankutty confirmed the development

Sivankutty confirmed the development. He informed local reporters that the Curriculum Committee and SCERT are responsible for making decisions regarding the academic affairs of the state’s general education department.

According to a Memorandum of Understanding signed with the NCERT, Kerala has been using its 44 educational materials.

According to the minister, there has been a significant shift in the curriculum of subjects such as political science, history, sociology, and economics at the higher educational level.

V. Sivankutty’s statement

“The curriculum committee decided to teach the students in the state all the material left out of these textbooks. The decision was unanimous. I have delegated responsibility for informing the government and the chief minister of the decision and making the appropriate decision,” he said.

“He would make a final decision after talking with Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan,” he stated.

The minister stated that the deleted sections would be included and taught to students during the current academic year.

Deleted topics from the syllabus

The minister claimed that various topics, such as Gandhiji’s murder, the RSS’s expulsion, Mughal history, and the history of post-independence India, including five-year plans, had been left out of the NCERT textbooks.

In an apparent jab at the NCERT, the minister said, “Gandhiji was assassinated, though in their books, it stated that Gandhi had died…like (they are saying) he passed away of a heart attack.”

Sections referring to the Gujarat riots were also removed from the class 11 sociology textbook, months after NCERT removed references to the 2002 communal violence from two class 12 books.

The Reaction of the Congress

They decided to notify the Center for Development and write to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Union Education Ministry regarding the omission of the portions from the NCERT textbooks.

Chief Minister Vijayan had vehemently denounced the removal of specific chapters and sections from NCERT Class 12 textbooks and claimed that the move was motivated by the “complete saffronization” of academic texts.

The Center is under fire from Congress for allegedly “whitewashing” and “distorting” history.

NCERT Chief Statement

The syllabus was “rationalized” in June of last year, according to NCERT Chief Dinesh Saklani, and there has been no trimming of the curriculum this year.

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