Netflix India’s Tooth Pari : Review

Tooth Pari: A Series Review

Netflix India's Tooth Pari : Review

Netflix India’s Tooth Pari : Review

The Director

The eight-part series “Tooth Pari” was directed by Pratim Dasgupta.

The Cast

Shantanu Maheshwari and Tanya Maniktala star in the lead roles in Tooth Pari.

Streaming At

The show is available on Netflix.

Total number of episodes

It has a total of eight episodes.

Release Date

April 20, 2023

Desi Vampire Saga

Tooth Pari on Netflix may be the first doorway into a desi vampire saga for the desi generation who grew up watching vampire sagas like Twilight or The Vampire Diaries.

The Plot Of The Series

The most realistic plot imaginable involves a vampire going to the dentist! Vampires, like otherworldly creatures, may require some hygiene maintenance! Thus, it doesn’t seem absurd that they would fall in love.

The Story Of The Series

The story of shy doctor Bikram Roy (Shantanu Maheshwari), who works in a stereotypical dungeon-looking office, is told in the film Tooth Pari, which is set in Kolkata and is shot throughout the city’s dark alleys and picturesque landscapes. Meet Rumi, played by Tanya Maniktala, a vampire who lives in the Neeche, a sort of prison for vampires.

She tends to rebel. She rebels against the law prohibiting her from consuming recent human blood by engaging in casual flirtation, bloodsucking, and leisure activities. She only accidentally damages her fangs by biting a prosthetic face. She stumbles upon Roy’s clinic while out hunting, where Tada, Rumi, and Roy are introduced.

From Director’s Perspective

In his drama, director Pratim Dasgupta aims to create a world where romance and fantasy coexist. The Tooth Pari universe is closely connected to events taking place in the outside world.

The Performances

Although Shantanu’s portrayal of Bikram gives a sincere performance, it is insufficient to succeed.

Tanya approaches Rumi in a way that is almost robotic (in fact, mechanical).

The actors playing the supporting roles do a great job of acting out their roles.

A police officer named Kartik, played by Sikander Kher, is in charge of looking into these supernatural elements.

Adil Hussain portrays AD, who is in charge of setting the rules for the vampire world, with Revathy playing Luna Luka.

Review of the Series

The script, however, has far too many flaws and shoddy character developments, which deprive you of anything real in which to invest. The relationship between Roy and Rumi, the two lead characters, lacks spark, and there is almost no discernible tension.

At least on paper, the characters are intriguing. A feeble attempt to flesh them out ends up killing them. One of the biggest flaws in the show is the absence of any dramatic high points.

The show’s pace is what makes it effective. The watch is mindless and lightweight. In the majority of instances, it avoids stereotypically portraying Kolkata. The episodes wrap up in eight parts without being stretched.

Panchayiti Verdict

Given that this genre is not as frequently explored in India, Tooth Pari had the potential to be so much more. Amateur writing detracts from a show that might have redefined a genre.

Do you feel a connection to this Indian fantasy world after watching all eight episodes, though? In the comments section below, kindly express your opinions.

Netflix India's Tooth Pari : ReviewNetflix India's Tooth Pari : Review

Netflix India’s Tooth Pari : Review

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