Ashok Gehlot Supports Rahul Gandhi’s Caste Census Demand

Gehlot supports Rahul Gandhi’s Caste Census Demand

Earlier, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashik Gehlot’s silence on Rahul’s demand for a caste-based census from the central government raised eyebrows. However, Gehlot put an end to all speculation by supporting Rahul Gandhi’s call during a media interview at the “Inflation Relief Camp.”

Ashok Gehlot Supports Rahul Gandhi's Caste Census Demand

Ashok Gehlot Supports Rahul Gandhi’s Caste Census Demand

Ashok Gehlot supports Rahul Gandhi’s demand.
Ashok Gehlot, the chief minister of Rajasthan, has teamed up with Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, to call for the caste system to be included in the upcoming census.

Reasons for Gehlot’s Support for Rahul
According to the population of various communities, this will assist in providing reservation benefits. The chief minister urged the Saini and other OBC subgroups in the state who have been calling for a higher quota to attend talks rather than obstructing the national highway connecting Jaipur and Agra.

Gehlot said, “The demonstrators should either contact me or connect with the social justice minister so that we may reach an agreement.” At the “inflation relief camp” that was established across Rajasthan on Monday, Gehlot was addressing the media from the sidelines.

Gehlot’s response to the high price of petroleum products
In response to a question about relief for petroleum products, he charged that the center had adopted a deceptive policy.

According to him, to prevent the states from receiving their fair share, the center has imposed additional and special excise duties on petroleum products.

He claimed that under the current system, the only tax that is split between the federal government and the states is the excise tax, which has remained unchanged even though the federal government has raised special excise taxes when crude oil prices have been low. Even when the price of crude oil skyrocketed, it refused to cut these special taxes.

What speculation had been raised earlier by political experts about CM Gehlot’s silence?
Other leaders claimed that Gehlot is leading from the front and has established a legacy by announcing a flurry of social security programs that have left a lasting national impression. He doesn’t want to speak up because he is running the show through his work and not through caste-based demands.

Political experts stated, “Gehlot is putting a lot of effort into repeating his government in the upcoming Rajasthan Assembly elections. The Congress-led government in this election-bound state. Therefore, making such a statement at this time could be disastrous.”

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