Overlooked For Captaincy As I Was Perceived As An Over-Thinker Says R Ashwin

R. Ashwin recently expressed his disappointment at not being selected as the Indian captain despite his experience and leadership abilities. He expressed his displeasure with the unfair criticism leveled at him and spoke about the reputation as an “overthinker” that the cricket community had given him.

Ashwin believed that the perception of him as an overthinker was the factor that led to the decision of passing him over for the leadership position

He revealed a hitherto unreported plot to prevent him from rising to the top of the Indian cricket team and gave insight into the opinions of seasoned cricketers who frequently argued that Ashwin wasn’t the best choice for an international Test match. He has no remorse towards anyone and feels that if he has worked hard for something, then it should be his.

R. Ashwin recently spoke out about not being chosen as the Indian captain

When India was looking for a suitable Virat Kohli replacement for the Test format, Rohit Sharma stood out among the competition, beating out KL Rahul, Jasprit Bumrah, and Rishabh Pant. However, only a few people suggested a fifth name, which was surprising given its underappreciation. That name was Ravichandran Ashwin, a seasoned off-spinner with proven leadership skills. Despite his qualifications, Ashwin’s name didn’t come up very often. Ashwin recently revealed for the first time why he never gets the opportunity to lead India as a skipper.

Without any assurances, an unfair term

Ashwin addressed the reputation as an “overthinker” that the world of cricket had given him in an interview with the Indian Express. He explained that he wouldn’t have been weighed by worrying or a sense “traumatized” about his role if he had received the same confidence about a consistent spot in the playing XI as the majority of other Indian players. Ashwin also voiced his displeasure with the unjustified criticism leveled at him.

He said, “Since every person has a unique journey, it is unfair to label someone an over thinker. And nobody has an interest or right to do that.”

Ashwin on how this “label” has affected his cricket journey

When asked about how this label has affected his career, Ashwin disclosed a previously unknown scheme intended to keep him from assuming a leadership position in the Indian cricket team. Additionally, he provided insight into the viewpoints of seasoned cricket players who frequently claimed that Ashwin’s name would not be the best option for an international Test match.

Ashwin acknowledged that he is powerless to determine whether or not his name appears first on the team sheet. He feels that if he has worked hard for it, it should be his due. He claimed he had nothing to complain about and no time to brood over his mistakes or regrets. He made it clear that he has no remorse towards anyone.

Currently, Ashwin is playing in the ongoing 2023 Tamil Nadu Premier League while also serving as the captain of the Dindigul Dragons. But for the upcoming West Indies tour, he will return to the national team the following month.

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