Yoga Day, State Dinner, US Congress Address: PM Modi’s US Visit Schedule

Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra Provides information about PM Modi’s US visit on Monday. On the 21st of this month, PM Modi will observe Yoga Day in the United States. PM Modi will become one of the few leaders to address the US Congress for the second time. The First Lady and President Biden will host a formal state dinner on 22nd June, in which Modi will participate. The prime minister will then travel to Egypt on June 24 for a two-day stay.

PM Modi's US Visit Schedule

PM Modi’s US Visit Schedule

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PM Modi’s US and Egypt visit schedule includes a yoga day, a dinner with President Biden, and a speech to the US Congress

From 21-25 June, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit the United States and Egypt for five days.

PM Modi will celebrate Yoga Day in the United States

In addition to leading the Yoga Day celebrations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will dine in private with the Bidens and address the US Congress during his action-packed trip to the US.

“It marks a turning point in the ties between the two nations,” Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra stated

Providing information about PM Modi’s trip on Monday, Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra stated: “On the gracious request of US President Joe Biden and the first lady Jill Biden, the Indian prime minister is going to be touring the US from June 21st to 23rd.”

Kwatra emphasized the importance of the trip by saying, “This will be the Prime Minister’s initial formal State visit to the United States… It marks a turning point in the ties between the two nations. It is quite a significant and crucial visit. A trip during which there is a sincere and pervasive interest in the United States.”

PM Modi will become one of the few leaders to address the US Congress for the second time

The discussion of bilateral relations and the upcoming list of fundamental issues to discuss will be a vital component of the visit, according to Kwatra. The prime minister will be one of the select few administrators to address the US Congress twice, Kwatra added.

The prime minister’s full itinerary for his first state visit to the US is as follows:

21st JUNE
# On June 21, PM Modi will preside over the Yoga Day celebrations at the UN building.
# The prime minister will meet a variety of significant figures and administrators in New York.
# On June 21, he will fly to Washington, where his first major participation will be a training session for developing capacity in the future.
# A private dinner for PM Modi hosted by the Bidens will be the most anticipated event on the 21st.

22nd JUNE
# The formal bilateral relationship officially began on this day. In addition to a series of bilateral conferences between administrators and representatives, PM Modi will receive the first formal welcome.
# PM Modi will speak to the US Congress and take part in the reception for lawmakers.
# He will then take part in a formal state dinner that President Biden and the First Lady will host.

23rd JUNE
# PM Modi will attend the Vice President’s State Luncheon after having one-on-one meetings with a few selected CEOs throughout the day.
# Following that, there will be conversations with Kennedy Centre businesspeople and local leaders.
# Then, on June 24, the prime minister will fly to Egypt for a two-day visit. He’ll go to Cairo’s revered Al-Haqim Mosque. With assistance from the Dawoodi Bohra community, the almost 1,000-year-old building was renovated and recently reopened.

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