People will be “surprised” by the election results in 2024: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, claimed on Thursday that there is a hidden undercurrent building and that it will “surprise” the electorate in the upcoming general elections. He also noted that the Opposition is largely united and that much good work is being done locally.

People will be “surprised” by the election results in 2024: Rahul Gandhi

“I believe grand success for the Congress party,” Rahul Gandhi
Gandhi comments in response to a series of inquiries during a media event at the National Press Club in this country.

“I assume the Congress is going to achieve significant progress over the next two years. I’m sure it will,” said Gandhi, a 52-year-old former party chief.

“I am convinced of an unspoken environment developing somewhere…I think others will be surprised by the outcomes,” he said.

Gandhi asked to “wait and observe”

Gandhi noted the results of the Karnataka assembly elections, in which the Congress won a sizable majority and drove the BJP from office. He then responded, Then he replied, “Stay on and keep an eye on the next two or three state-level elections. That will be a more accurate gauge of what’s likely to occur.”

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Opposition is united

In response to a different query, Gandhi stated “that the Indian opposition is largely unified. And I believe that it is becoming ever more unified. We’re in communication with every opposition party. I think plenty of the work underway is favorable.”

“It’s a challenging discussion since there are several challenges in which we face competition from (other) rival parties. This means that there will be some giving and taking as necessary. However, I have faith that it will happen,” he continued.

The nation’s structures have been “definitely captured”

Gandhi also responded to numerous inquiries, including inquiries about the press and religious freedoms in India, problems faced by minorities, and the state of the economy.

When asked about the prime minister’s enormous global renown, Gandhi retorted that there is a “definite achieve of the foundations of the nation.”

“If Congress took office..,” Rahul Gandhi

When questioned about what the Congress would do to safeguard minorities’ rights in India if selected, he stated, “India has an extremely strong framework already in place, (but) its structure was recently weakened…You need a separate set of bodies that operate freely and without restriction. And in India, that is standard practice. It’s an anomaly happening in India right now. If you assert that they could be swiftly restored if Congress took office.”

Press freedom is crucial

He noted that press freedom is crucial for democracy and expressed concern about its deterioration in India.

“Press freedom is only one aspect. It involves multiple axes of political access, and the institutional framework that allowed India to communicate and the Indian people to negotiate has been severely restricted. And the pressure is mounting on the framework that supports inter-Indian negotiations,” the speaker continued.

India-US relationship

He emphasized the importance of the relationship between India and the United States when speaking of US-India relations.

“Having a defense relationship is crucial. But I think we should also take other opportunities for cooperation into account,” he continued.

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