Rahul Gandhi Takes A Dig At PM Modi

If PM Modi were to sit down with God, he would begin by explaining how the universe functions to God: Rahul Gandhi in SF, USA

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, claimed during a speech in San Francisco that a group of individuals who are ‘convinced’ that they are in charge of India is doing so. PM Narendra Modi is “one such specimen,” he claimed, and they could sit down with God and ask him to explain things.

The prime minister is “one such specimen”

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, stated during a speech in the United States on Wednesday that a group of individuals who are ‘convinced’ that they are in charge of India do so. Rahul Gandhi said, “They would mind sitting with God to clarify matters.” He added that the prime minister is “one such specimen.”

If Modiji sat down next to God, he would start by describing how the universe operates: Rahul Gandhi

“I believe Modiji would begin explaining how the universe functions to God if Modiji were to sit down next to God. Correct? Additionally, God would be perplexed about his creation. These are absurd things, but they reflect the current situation. There is a knowledgeable group. They can impart knowledge of history to historians, science to scientists, and warfare to the military. They are mediocre and lack understanding at their core. Because in life, if you’re not willing to listen, you can’t understand anything,” Rahul Gandhi said.

I want to thank you for waving the Indian flag in India: Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi urged the NRIs in his address, “India hasn’t rejected any ideas.” “That is the India you stand for. In the absence of your support for these ideals, you wouldn’t be present. If you were an advocate of rage, hatred, and conceit, you would be present at a BJP meeting while I gave a “mann ki baat” speech. Therefore, I would like to express my gratitude for flying the Indian Flag in India,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Rahul Gandhi is on Ten days tours in The USA

“At this point, they want me to answer your questions. In the BJP, this also wouldn’t occur. There are no questions, just solutions,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Rahul Gandhi is in the United States for ten days; San Francisco is his first stop. Washington DC, and New York will be the following two. Rahul Gandhi’s most recent overseas tour, to the UK, sparked a significant uproar in India because he was accused of disparaging Indian democracy on foreign soil while serving as a member of parliament.

Rahul Gandhi: “Aren’t you glad that I’m not lying down?”

Since issues like unemployment, price increases, the spread of anger and hatred, and the failing educational system cannot be addressed by PM Modi and his government, Rahul Gandhi stated. “The BJP is forced to use the scepter method because it is difficult for them to discuss these issues. Laying down and doing such things are common. Aren’t you relieved that I’m standing up for myself?’ Rahul Gandhi asked, alluding to the Sengol controversy that arose with the opening of the new Parliament building.

The Sengol, which was kept in a museum in Allahabad, represented the 1947 handover of power from the British to India. The Sengol was set up in the brand-new Parliament structure. According to the Congress, there is no supporting documentation for this.

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