Rahul Gandhi will travel to violence-plagued Manipur on June 29-30

On June 29 and 30, Congressman Rahul Gandhi will visit Manipur. The general secretary of the Congress, K.C. Venugopal, announced that he would travel to the relief camps and meet with representatives of the civil society in Churachandpur and Imphal during his visit. Gandhi criticized the Prime Minister’s lack of response to the events in Manipur. According to Congress, PM Modi’s absence from the all-party meeting demonstrates his “lack of seriousness” on the issue. The situation in Manipur is still grave.

Rahul Gandhi will travel to violence affected Manipur on June 29 and 30

In Churachandpur and Imphal, the Congress leader will meet with members of the civil community and visit the relief camps.

Rahul Gandhi will visit the relief camps

Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leader, will travel to Manipur on June 29 and 30. K.C. Venugopal, general secretary of the Congress, stated that during his visit, he would travel to the relief camps and speak with civil society representatives in Churachandpur and Imphal.

KC Venugopal Tweet

“Manipur has been on fire for almost two months, and it needs an uplifting touch desperately for the society to transition from clash to peace.” “This is a humanitarian tragedy, and we have to be an agent of love, not hatred,” Venugopal stated on Twitter, revealing Gandhi’s visit to Manipur.

Rahul Gandhi slammed Prime Minister’s silence

Gandhi criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his “silence” regarding the circumstances in Manipur. “When the prime minister is away from the country, an all-party meeting is called. It is evident that the Prime Minister does not value this meeting,” Gandhi recently tweeted.

PM Modi’s absence from the all-party meeting shows his “lack of seriousness” on the issue: Congress
Amit Shah, the Union home minister, presided over the all-party meeting on June 24. The Prime Minister was noticeably absent. According to Gandhi’s party, it only demonstrated Modi’s “cowardice and incapacity to acknowledge his failures” and the BJP government’s “lack of seriousness” on the issue.

In the ongoing violence, Rahul will be the first opposition political figure to visit Manipur. Attempting to travel to the state in the final week of May, Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, requested permission from the Home Ministry but received no response.

Manipur’s condition is still alarming

Manipur’s situation is still dire, and there have been reports of violence in several areas of the state. Several state lawmakers, including those from the BJP, have been calling for the resignation of chief minister N. Biren Singh, blaming him for acting incompetently and partisan.

Manipur Violence

Conflicts between the hill districts’ dominant Kuki tribe and the plain-dwelling Meitei community have caused unprecedented violence in the northeastern state since May 3. So far, the conflict has taken over 110 lives and displaced thousands.

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