Rahul Gandhi Visits Various Relief Camps In Manipur, Appeals For Peace

India’s opposition leader, Rahul Gandhi, has visited individuals affected by the ongoing violence in Manipur, a state in northeastern India. On a two-day trip, Gandhi toured relief camps in Moirang town and met with displaced families. He also visited a relief camp in Churachandpur district, traveling by helicopter due to security concerns raised by the police.

Rahul Gandhi In Manipur

Rahul Gandhi In Manipur

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Rahul Gandhi’s agenda includes a meeting with civil society leaders in the state capital, Imphal. The violence in Manipur has resulted in over 100 deaths, 400 injuries, and the displacement of tens of thousands.

The clashes erupted when the Meitei community, the dominant ethnic group in the state, demanded tribal status to access benefits like forest land and government quotas for jobs and education. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reviewed the situation but faced criticism for not visiting or commenting on the state.

Although Home Minister Amit Shah visited to restore normalcy, fresh incidents of violence continue. Gandhi emphasized the importance of peace and healing in Manipur, but his convoy was stopped by police for security reasons, prompting criticism from Congress leaders. The visit, part of Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra (unity march), has been seen by some as politically motivated. Approximately 60,000 people have been displaced, seeking refuge in around 350 camps.

Rahul Gandhi In Manipur

Rahul Gandhi In Manipur

Opposition leaders have demanded the resignation of the state’s BJP chief minister and called for federal rule to be imposed. The clashes have resulted in widespread destruction of homes, religious sites, and attacks on state ministers and legislators’ residences. The deployment of around 40,000 security forces has not fully alleviated the tense situation, with curfews, internet shutdowns, and sporadic killings and arson disrupting normal life for locals.

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