Railways Request CBI investigation into the Odisha train accident

The Railway Board decided to entrust the CBI with conducting additional research after Ashwin Vaishnaw disclosed configuration of the crossing device or track had altered.

Odisha train accident: Railways request a CBI investigation

The declaration arrived hours after the minister told state-run television station Doordarshan in an early-morning interview that the “primary cause” of the mishap and those liable had been identified.

Railway Board had recommended that the CBI conduct an inquiry

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) will conduct a second investigation into the Odisha train accident, which has so far claimed 275 lives, the Railway Board has decided, according to Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw on Sunday.

The Railway Board suggests that the CBI conduct further inquiry and investigation into the case, Vaishnaw said in Bhubaneswar later on Sunday evening. “Keeping in mind the scenario and conditions that led to the collision took place and the legal information collected so far,” he added.

The electric point machine that, Vaishnaw was referring to is an essential part of equipment for railway signaling that allows for quick operation and locking of point switches. It is crucial to ensure that trains run safely. The movement of trains is significantly affected when these machines malfunction & installation errors may lead to hazardous conditions.

Why CBI investigation ?

Vaishnaw claimed that the configuration of the point machine or track had changed. This finding is serious, according to officials. The Railway Board’s decision to give the CBI further investigation authority is likely motivated by this. It will take place concurrently with the investigation by the Commissioner of Railway Safety.

Odisha train accident

Around 7 p.m. on Friday, an accident involving the Shalimar-Chennai Central Coromandel Express, the Bengaluru-Howrah Superfast Express, and a goods train happened close to the Bahanaga Bazar station in the Balasore district of Odisha. The state government reduced the number of fatalities from 288 on Saturday to 275 on Sunday.

We tracked down the accident’s perpetrators: Jaya Verma Sinha

The culprits of the accident have been identified, according to Railway Board Member for Operations and Business Development Jaya Verma Sinha in New Delhi. “We’ve found the culprits. But that won’t be available until the CRS investigation is complete.”

She claimed there were no errors in the data-logger input. “Everyone here has seen the data-logger report. The reported signal’s logic is flawless,” the speaker insisted.

Vaishnav’s statement

Vaishnaw informed Doordarshan that the Commissioner of Railway Safety had gathered statements from everyone involved and determined the accident’s primary cause. The report of the CRS investigation will explain how the accident occurred.

Before the autonomous organization (CRS) provides its investigation, Vaishnaw claimed that it would not be appropriate to make remarks on the accident. Additionally, he asserted that the accident had nothing to do with Mamata Banerjee’s assertion that it might have been avoided if the train had been equipped with an anti-collision device.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the injured at a hospital in Balasore and promised that “those found responsible for the train accident incident would face the harshest punishment possible. There will be no exceptions.”

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