Sameer Wankhede Tried Extorting 25 Cr From SRK : CBI Chargesheet

CBI’s case against Sameer Wankhede: “Rs 25 Crore asked From SRK’s Family”

There are accusations of corruption and criminal behavior against Sameer Wankhede.

Sameer Wankhede demanded 25 crores

According to a CBI complaint against Sameer Wankhede, the former zonal director of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), the family of actor Shah Rukh Khan feared that his son Aryan would be implicated in a drug case unless he paid 25 crores.

Accusations of corruption and criminal misconduct have been leveled against Mr. Wankhede, who gained notoriety following the detention of Aryan Khan and others in a suspected drug bust on a cruise ship off the coast of Mumbai in October 2021.

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The CBI has noted the officer’s international travels as well as the sale and purchase of pricey wristwatches in its FIR.

What does an FIR state?

The FIR states that investigations into the accusations against Mr. Wankhede and Ashish Ranjan, a former intelligence officer with NCB, “could not properly explain their newly acquired wealth as per their announced revenue” Furthermore, Mr. Wankhede “had not sufficiently clarified his trips abroad and had seemingly mis-declared his spending on his foreign travels,” the document continues.

The FIR names five suspects

The FIR names four suspects in addition to Mr. Wankhede. These people include KP Gosavi and his assistant Sanvile D’Souza, as well as the NCB’s then-senior officers Vishwa Vijay Singh and Ashish Ranjan.

The additional advantage is given to witness

Following Aryan Khan’s arrest, a witness in the drugs-on-cruise case named KP Gosavi took a selfie with him, raising concerns about how someone who wasn’t working for NCB was given access to the accused.

According to the CBI’s FIR, Gosavi “was permitted to be available in the company of the suspects and even permitted to make it to the NCB office after the operation, which falls contrary to the standards for an independent witness.”

“In this way, KP Gosavi took advantage of his liberty to record a suspect’s voice memo and take selfies,” the statement continues.

An attempt “to extort a sum of Rs. 25 crores”

The FIR notes an attempt “to extort a sum of Rs. 25 crores from family members of the suspected ‘accused’ Aryan Khan by accusing them of crimes of Acquisition of Narcotics substances. The final settlement for this sum was 18 crore rupees. ”

Wankhede requested the superintendent of NCB to allow a freehand to KP Gosavi

According to the CBI, Wankhede requested that the superintendent of NCB, Vishwa Vijay Singh, “let KP Gosavi handle the accused while taking him to NCB office thereby allowing a freehand to KP Gosavi and others to create a visual impression that KP Gosavi has the custody of the accused and is escorting/dragging him towards NCB Mumbai office.”

Aryan Khan’s drugs case

After being detained, Aryan Khan was imprisoned for 22 days before the NCB dropped all charges against him, referring to an “absence of adequate proof.” The accusations against Wankhede and his associates were the subject of a separate investigation during the huge uproar.

Wankhede was moved last year to the Directorate General of Taxpayer Services in Chennai.

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