We Will Decimate BJP In Telangana Declares Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress party, confidently declared that they would overwhelmingly defeat their political opponents in Telangana. He expressed this sentiment during a gathering where he received enthusiastic cheers and applause. Gandhi emphasized that it is not just the Congress party, but the people of India as a whole who will decimate BJP in Telangana elections.

We Will Decimate BJP In Telangana Declares Rahul Gandhi

We Will Decimate BJP In Telangana Declares Rahul Gandhi

“We Will Decimate The BJP In The Upcoming Telangana Assembly Elections” Declares Rahul Gandhi

Gandhi highlighted their recent success in Karnataka, stating that they not only defeated the BJP but completely annihilated them. This statement was made at a dinner event organized by the Indian Overseas Congress-USA in New York, where Gandhi had arrived after visiting Washington and San Francisco. He assured the attendees that the Congress party would achieve a similar result in the upcoming elections in Telangana, confidently stating that it would be difficult to find any trace of the BJP in the state thereafter.

Looking ahead, Gandhi also mentioned the future elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh. He expressed confidence in replicating the Congress party’s success in Karnataka in those states as well. Gandhi emphasized the unity among the opposition parties and their collective ideological battle against the BJP’s divisive and hate-filled ideology.

Gandhi further highlighted that the people of India have realized the negative impact of the BJP’s spreading of hatred in society. He noted that India as a whole has understood that it cannot move forward with the type of hatred that the BJP is spreading. This realization, Gandhi asserted, would lead to similar results in the upcoming elections in various states.

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In another event, New York City Mayor Eric Adams addressed the gathering and praised the Indian-American community for their achievements. He encouraged them to retain their Indian identity while embracing America. Adams acknowledged the contributions of the Indian community historically and globally, stating that their rich history has inspired many, including Nobel Peace Prize winners.

Overall, Rahul Gandhi’s message focused on the Congress party’s determination to defeat the BJP in upcoming elections, their success in Karnataka, and the unity among the opposition parties. He emphasized the rejection of the BJP’s divisive ideology and the need for a more inclusive and loving approach, both in India and abroad.

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