“Wrong dates and facts”: Sachin Pilot bashes Amit Malviya

Congressman Sachin Pilot slams BJP leader Amit Malviya for using inaccurate dates and information. Sachin claimed that his late father, Rajesh Pilot, was commissioned into the Indian Air Force in October 1966. Malviya claims that Rajesh Pilot and Suresh Kalmadi were pilots in the Indian Air Force’s bombing of Aizawl in March 1966. Pilot argues that the incident was in former East Pakistan during the 1971 Indo-Pak War. PM Narendra Modi criticized Congress for making “twisted decisions” and citing events like the Air Force’s use in Mizoram.

Sachin Pilot criticizes Amit Malviya for using “wrong dates and facts”

PM Narendra Modi attacked Congress in a no-confidence motion, citing events like the Air Force to “attack the people in Mizoram.”

Rajesh Pilot received a commission in AIF in October 1966

The dates and information are incorrect, according to Congressman Sachin Pilot, whose father, Rajesh Pilot, received a commission into the air force in October of that year, and he did not drop bombs in Mizoram in March 1966, as claimed by the BJP IT division head Amit Malviya.

Amit Malviya’s Tweet on X

Malviya claimed in a post on X that the Indian Air Force aircraft that bombarded Aizawl, the capital of the state of Mizoram, on March 5, 1966, experienced being piloted by Rajesh Pilot and Suresh Kalmadi.

“Later, both served as ministers in the cabinet and MPs running for Congress. Indira Gandhi rewarded and respected those who carried out airstrikes on their people in the Northeast by giving them a place in politics,” Malviya wrote in the post in Hindi.

Reaction of Sachin Pilot on Amit Malviya’s Tweet

Sachin Pilot slammed the BJP leader, saying, “@amitmalviya – You’re using inaccurate dates and information. My late father dropped bombs while flying for the Indian Air Force, which is true. He received his commission into the IAF on October 29, 1966, not as per your claim on March 5. (Certificate attached.) However, that was in former East Pakistan during the 1971 Indo-Pak War. Happy Independence Day and Jai Hind,” Pilot wished on X while sharing the certificate proving Rajesh Pilot’s appointment to the Indian Air Force on October 29, 1966.

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PM Narendra Modi attacked Congress earlier in a no-confidence motion

The Indian Air Force’s use in Mizoram in 1966 came under fire by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week, who experienced thrashed by the Congress for “twisted decisions” made by his predecessors to score “petty debating points” out of their political and historical context.

As evidence of Congress’ “neglect” of the region, Mr. Modi cited events like the use of the Air Force to “attack the people in Mizoram” and a radio transmission from the then-Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in 1962 in which he left the residents of the Northeast to stand up on their own during the Chinese invasion.

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