Tomato Cost Around Rs. 160 per kg in Vizag

Tomato cost in Visakhapatnam has reached to Rs 160 per kg. In India, the average retail price per kg was Rs 83.29. The Indian government has defended its actions in response to opposition criticism of the rising cost of tomatoes by asserting that the price increase is seasonal and will end within 15 days.

The Mamata Banerjee administration took action to regulate prices by ordering Sufal Bangla to ship vegetables to West Bengal at reasonable prices. The MK Stalin administration has started selling tomatoes for Rs 60 in Tamil Nadu, with plans to expand to additional areas.

Rising Tomato Cost makes even Petrol Cheaper in Vizag

In response to criticism from the opposition, the government asserts that the price increase is a seasonal event and that the rates will drop in 15 days.

Tomato cost in India

Indian citizens’ wallets continue to feel pushed by rising tomato prices. In some cities, the cost of the tomato exceeds 150 per kg. “Tomatoes are reportedly available for 160 per kg in Visakhapatnam,” several media reports stated.

The cost of tomatoes in various cities is listed below

1. Siliguri – Rs 155/kg
2. Moradabad – Rs 150/kg
3. Delhi – Rs 110/kg
4. Kolkata – Rs 148/kg
5. Chennai – Rs 60/kg (Through fair price shops)
6. Mumbai – Rs 58/g

Regular customer’s statement on rise in Tomato Cost

“Vegetable prices have significantly increased. The price of tomatoes is 150 Rs per kilogram. The price increase triggered issues for the customers. I ask the authorities to step in and regulate the price of vegetables,” the customer told ANI.

“Tomato prices have gone up everywhere. Petrol is now less expensive than tomatoes. We are now finding it very challenging to control our spending,” a vegetable buyer told ANI.

Figures from the consumer affairs ministry

Data from the consumer affairs ministry show that the average retail price per kg across India was Rs 83.29.

Bengal Gov. steps in to regulate prices

The Mamata Banerjee administration has acted quickly to control prices as tomato prices rose in West Bengal. According to PTI, the government has instructed Sufal Bangla, its retail network, to deliver fair-priced vegetables in the city. Sufal Bangla reportedly charged Rs 115 for each kg of tomatoes.

The fair price stores of Tamil Nadu

With 82 fair-price stores in the city, the MK Stalin administration has begun selling tomatoes for Rs 60. The initiative is to grow into additional areas of the state if necessary, according to TN Minister for Cooperatives KR Periyakaruppan.

Due to a drop in supply, the price of tomatoes soared and left a hole in consumers’ wallets.

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