“King Of Kotha”: The Ideal Onam Treat!

The Dulquer Salmaan-starring film “King Of Kotha” has received positive reviews after its world premiere in Dubai. The film, starring Dulquer Salmaan, will be releasing in Indian theatres today. The movie has gained a reputation as a “paisa vasool” entertainer and has received praise for its “mass” portrayal.

The 4:30 a.m. show in Dubai became almost sold out, a first for a Malayalam film. Salmaan’s performance earned praise, and he engaged with fans after the premiere. Social media buzz has praised the movie as an excellent cinematic experience, and it is worth every penny. The response from moviegoers supports Salmaan’s claim that “King Of Kotha” will be a theatrical experience.

Premiere of “King Of Kotha” in Dubai: A delicious Onam treat starring Dulquer Salmaan!

The film “King Of Kotha,” starring Dulquer Salmaan, earned positive reviews following its Dubai premiere. The audience’s response confirmed Dulquer Salmaan’s earlier assertion that “King Of Kotha” would be a theatrical experience.

“King of Kotla” plans to hit Indian theaters today

Positive reviews arrived when the Dulquer Salmaan-starring film debuted in Dubai. The movie, which plans to hit theatres today (August 24), had its world premiere in Dubai on August 23 at 10:30 p.m.

About KOK Dubai premiere

After its Dubai premiere, the movie “King Of Kotha,” starring Dulquer Salmaan, has garnered favorable reviews. The film, which plans to debut today, earned praise for Dulquer’s “mass” portrayal and gained a reputation as a “paisa vasool” entertainer.

Social media is buzzing about the movie, and the 4:30 a.m. show in Dubai became almost sold out, a first for a Malayalam film. Salmaan’s performance earned praise, and following the premiere, he engaged with fans.

KOK successfully met mass expectations

And it appears that the creators of “King of Kotha” were successful in exceeding expectations! The fact that Dulquer Salmaan appeared in a Malayalam film in his “mass” avatar thrilled moviegoers and fans of the actor. Dulquer Salmaan arrived in Dubai before the premiere and received the most pleasant welcome.

Dulquer-starring movie reviews

“The Dulquer-starring movie is unquestionably an excellent cinematic experience and worth every penny,” according to social media buzz, especially on the microblogging platform X.
A movie enthusiast remarked that “KOK” is the definition of a “paisa vasool entertainer!”

“#KingOfKotha: An entertaining Paisa vasool with an excellent audience appeal and an appealing @dulQuer at the center. The plot is nothing new, but it was in charge and made was effective. Shabeer and Nyla gave outstanding performances. A sure box office success,” the netizen wrote.

Another Dubai movie enthusiast noted that the 4:30 a.m. showing in Dubai became almost sold out, which was rare for a Malayalam film! “A show at 4.30 a.m. in Dubai is nearly full. What a #KingOfKotha and @dulQuer craze. Never in the history of Malayalam shows has this happened,” the netizen exclaimed.

“The most recent movie ever seen in a theatre. Congratulations, brother! Abhilash shows promise. Excellent Shabeer, Nyla Usha, and Shammi Thilakan. The show-stopper is DQ. The Lone Wolf show by Dulquer Salmaan is breathtakingly beautiful. Da makkale padam poyi kand nok, fight sequence vere level vibe,” a user commented on the internet.

The response from moviegoers supported Dulquer Salmaan’s earlier claim that “King Of Kotha” would be a theatrical experience.

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