Amritpal Appears Again On Video: Search Still On

Amritpal Singh says in a new video that he will soon appear in front of the world

“Those who think I have become a fugitive and left my associates should not hold this belief. “I am not afraid of death,” declares the radical preacher.

Radical preacher Amritpal Singh made an appearance in a new video on Thursday, claiming he was not a runaway and would soon be seen by the entire world, a day after Punjab police arrested him.

Hours after his social media audio clip in which he refuted rumors that he was negotiating his surrender surfaced, the allegedly captured video appeared online.

“Those who believe I have become a fugitive and abandoned my associates should not hold this belief.” “I have no fear of dying,” he declared in the Punjabi video.

“Shortly, everyone will see him” he predicted.

Security has been strengthened.

Police have tightened security in and around Amritsar and Bathinda in response to rumors that Mr. Singh might give himself up after visiting one of the two Sikh shrines, the Takht Sri Damdama Sahib in Bathinda and the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

He claimed to be different from those who would leave the country, the pro-Khalistan preacher.

It was his second video since fleeing amid a violent crackdown on his ‘Waris Punjab De’ outfit.
Following Mr. Singh’s supporters’ raid on a police station in Ajnala, close to Amritsar, to secure the release of one of his associates, the police action started on March 18 and lasted for several weeks.

In the first video, which went viral on social media on Wednesday, he requested that the Jathedar of Akal Takht, the highest temporal body of Sikhs, hold a meeting with a congregation to discuss community issues.

“We must recognize that today is the time for the entire community to come together,” he said in Punjabi, urging “unity” among Sikh organizations. Amritpal Singh attempted to argue in the first video clip that the issue was larger than his arrest and concerned the Sikh community as a whole.

On Thursday, a drone was flown over Hoshiarpur village, where some suspects abandoned their car just two days prior after a police chase. There was some speculation that Amritpal Singh was in that vehicle.

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The Golden Temple in Amritsar was also given more security, but officials insisted that this had nothing to do with the hunt for Amritpal Singh. In the neighborhood, they held another flag march. The preacher has not been seen or got to hear from since March 18, when he eluded a police sting operation in Jalandhar by switching cars and adopting a new appearance.

He and his associates have been charged with several crimes, including inciting class strife, attempting to kill people, attacking police officers, and obstructing public officials from carrying out their duties under the law.

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