BJP MP Says He Is Ready For Narco Test If..

BJP MP Brij Bhushan Singh Says He Is Ready For Narco Test

Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh expressed his willingness to undergo a polygraph test, provided that Vinesh Phogat and Bajrang Punia, the protesting wrestlers, also agree to take the same test. Singh, the Wrestling Federation of India chief and Bharatiya Janata Party MP, made this statement on Facebook. He stated, “I am prepared to undergo a narco test, polygraphy test, or lie detector test, but on the condition that Vinesh Phogat and Bajrang Punia undergo these tests as well. If both wrestlers are willing, then invite the press, make an announcement, and I assure you that I am also ready for this.”

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These remarks from the WFI chief came on the same day that a khap ‘mahapanchayat’ (a gathering of village elders) decided that women supporting the protest against Singh would hold a panchayat (assembly) near the new Parliament building on May 28, coinciding with its inauguration by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Leaders of the khap panchayats convened in Rohtak to discuss a “major decision,” which eventually led to the decision to shift the protest to the Parliament. Sakshi Malik and her husband Satyawart Kadiyan attended the mahapanchayat, while Bajrang Punia and Vinesh Phogat remained at the protest site in Jantar Mantar.

Bajrang Punia On Khap’s Decision

Bajrang Punia, when asked if the wrestlers were satisfied with the move, welcomed the decision and stated that whether the men’s supporters would join the women in the Parliament protest would be determined later.

This decision indicates that the wrestlers have made up their minds to continue their fight against Singh, whom they have accused of sexually exploiting several female grapplers.

The ad-hoc panel of the Indian Olympic Association, responsible for managing the affairs of the Wrestling Federation of India, is expected to organize the Asian Games trials around June 20.

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