CM Gehlot Launches Menhgayi Rahat Camps

The ‘Mehngai Rahat Camp’ in Rajasthan launched by Chief Minister Ashok Gahlot today

The district administration is creating about 2,000 long-term inflation relief camps in public and government buildings. A two-day inflation relief camp will be held in each of the 11,283-gram panchayats and 7,500 wards.

CM Gehlot Launches Menhgayi Rahat Camps

CM Gehlot Launches Menhgayi Rahat Camps

Menhgayi Rahat Camp

Today, April 24, the chief minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot, will open the “Mehngai Rahat Camp” in Sanganer’s Mahapura village panchayat to help people who are suffering from rising prices. This year’s camp will run until June 30.

According to the news agency PTI, the chief minister stated in an official statement that the primary goal of these settlements is to strengthen the average citizen by providing them with comprehensive information about their rights, programs, and eligibility.

By linking them to the state government’s public welfare programs, these camps will offer relief from inflation to the general public and underprivileged groups.

According to him, 10 public welfare programs will be offered in the camps to help the general public and reduce the effects of rising inflation.

Gehlot stated that to participate in the 10 state-run public welfare programs, registration is now required in the camps.

He continued, “For the comfort of everyone, a person from any district may enroll in the settlements of other districts as well using the Jan Aadhar card issued by the Rajasthan government.”

The district administration is going to put up about 2,000 long-term inflation relief camps in public and government buildings. A two-day inflation relief camp will be set up according to the calendar in each of the 7,500 wards and 11,283-gram panchayats.

Each gram panchayat and each city ward will host two-day inflation relief camps in addition to “Prashahan Gaon ke Sang” and “Prashahan Shaheron ke Sang,” respectively.

These camps will also have sufficient counters for enrollment and the handing out of the Chief Minister’s “Guarantee Cards.” According to PTI, the state government has allocated 592 crore rupees to several programs aimed at assisting farmers.

An official statement stated that Gehlot had granted an application for monetary assistance to guarantee the farmers’ advancement.

For using drones to spray nano urea, about Rs. 4.50 crore has been set aside. In addition, a grant of 5,000 rupees will be given to each family of 5 lakh landless laborers to purchase manual agricultural machinery. The state plans to allocate INR 250 crore for this endeavor.

Schemes Specific For Farmers

One lakh farmers will receive agricultural equipment worth 250 crores in the fiscal year 2023-2024 from the state government. In addition, unemployed agriculture course graduates will be eligible for a grant of up to 4 lacks for the provision of 1,000 drones.

Additionally, the Farmers Production Organization (FPO) and Custom Hiring Centers will have access to drones. In all of these programs, the state government has made provisions totaling 588 crores from the Farmers Welfare Fund and 4.60 crores (state share) under the National Agriculture Development Scheme.

Schemes Included In Rahat Camps

The following schemes will be registered: gas cylinders for Rs 500 under the Mukhyamantri Gas Cylinder Yojana; domestic consumers will receive 100 units of free electricity per month under the Mukhyamantri Nishulk Bijli Yojana; agriculture consumers will receive 2000 units of free electricity per month under the Mukhyamantri Nishulk Krishi Bijli Yojana; and all beneficiaries under the National Food Security will receive a free Annapurna food packet.

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