Karnataka Elections: Ex-Dy CM Laxman Savadi leaves BJP

Ex-Dy CM Laxman Savadi leaves BJP after being denied a ticket

The day after the governing party refused to give the erstwhile deputy chief minister of Karnataka a ticket to run in the State Assembly on May 10, Laxman Savadi announced his resignation from the BJP on Wednesday.

After being turned down for a ticket to run in the Assembly elections from Athani, Laxman Savadi, the erstwhile deputy chief minister of Karnataka, has decided to resign from the BJP.

From Athani, Mr. Savadi has won three elections to the Assembly. Mahesh Kumthalli, a Congress candidate, defeated him in the 2018 election.

Mahesh Kumthalli, who joined BJP in 2019 along with Ramesh Jarkiholi, has received the nomination from the party’s top leadership. A by-election in 2019 resulted in Mahesh Kumthalli being re-elected to the Assembly.

Later, a nomination for the Legislative Council was made for Mr. Savadi.

“I am extremely disappointed that I was not successful in getting the party candidature in Athani, where I am from. After we broke with the Janata Parivar, I devoted nearly three decades of my life to the BJP. Now, I am being disregarded. It is very depressing,” he said.

The BJP MLC declared that he would leave the party. He has not yet submitted his letter of resignation to the party, though. I’ve tentatively scheduled a get-together of my loyalists in Athani for April 13. After that gathering, I’ll make my decision,” he told reporters at his Athani home.

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“As a politician, I take myself seriously. Power is not what I want. I stayed at home after my loss in the 2018 Assembly elections and stayed out of Congress and all other parties. All I ask is that my service be acknowledged. I hope the BJP leaders get this,” he said.

“Senior figures like B.S. Yediyurappa, Basavaraj Bommai, and C.C. Patil visited my home before the 2019 by-elections and committed to nominating me in 2023. The party has since broken its promise,” he lamented.

Earlier, Mr. Savadi was met by former MLA and Congress leader Raju Kage at his Athani residence.

The party’s top leadership will converse with Mr. Savadi, it is not his job to communicate with him over this matter, Gokak MLA Ramesh Jarkiholi said. The Jarkiholi brothers are strong political figures with influence outside their local communities.

To ensure that Mr. Savadi’s service is valued appropriately, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has spoken with him and advised him not to make a snap decision but rather to consult with the party’s top leadership.

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