Rahul Gandhi Visits Karnataka | Key Announcements For Up-Coming Elections

Rahul Gandhi announces the Yuva Nidhi Cash Incentive Scheme for Karnataka’s unemployed youth

Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leader, announced a monthly stipend for unemployed youth in Karnataka on Monday, as the party seeks to compete with the BJP with big ticket promises ahead of the assembly elections.

He spoke at a youth rally in Belagavi, where he blamed the ruling BJP for the ‘jobs crisis’ that graduates and others were facing.
If Congress is elected, Gandhi has promised to implement a ‘Yuva Nidhi’ scheme. The scheme will provide unemployed graduates with monthly relief of Rs 3000 and unemployed diploma holders with a monthly relief of Rs 1500 for a period of two years. His sister, Priyanka Gandhi-Vadra, announced two months ago that each family led by a woman would receive Rs 2,000 per month. Congress has previously pledged to provide low-income families with 200 free electricity units and 10 kg of rice, among other things. The Yuva Nidhi program is the most recent of these pledges.

Rahul Gandhi Visits Karnataka | Key Announcements For Up-Coming Elections

Rahul Gandhi Visits Karnataka | Key Announcements For Up-Coming Elections

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In response to the ruling BJP’s 2.5 lakh vacant government jobs, Gandhi promised that if Congress gained power, it would create one million jobs in five years.

He claimed, about businessman Gautam Adani, that all the industries in the nation had been given to him. Congress has been vocal in its demand for a joint parliamentary committee to investigate the Adani Group’s operations. The BJP has responded by criticizing Rahul Gandhi’s Cambridge statements on India’s democracy.

In his speech at the rally, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge called Gandhi “fearless” for speaking his mind. “The BJP is intimidating him because he spoke the truth. I’ll let them. We’re prepared to do anything,” he said.
Last year, Gandhi went on a ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’, meeting people all over the country. “This state’s youth have told me about the rampant corruption that exists here,” he said. Gandhi branded the BJP’s regime “the most corrupt government in India,” accusing it of shielding MLA Virupakshappa, one of the prime suspects in the infamous “bribe-gate” scandal.

The Wayanad MP continued, referring to the “40% commission” accusation the contractor’s body leveled at the ruling party: “The Prime Minister has still not responded to the letter the contractor body wrote to him all these months ago.

The BJP and Congress are going to great lengths to sway the district in their favor. Last month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a road show in Belagavi. Rahul Gandhi has promised to visit any district in Karnataka where people want him to launch his Karnataka campaign. “We’ll take the state by storm and demolish the dishonest BJP.”

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