Film Review: Operation Mayfair

Interesting concept, but lacks the suspense of typical serial killer fare

The film’s plot
After a three-year hiatus, a serial killer returns to London. The investigating detective has since resigned but has been called back in to solve the case. Will he be able to apprehend the perpetrator?

The cast of the film
Jimmy Shergill plays the lead in Sudipto Sarkar’s film “Operation Mayfair.” Ankur Bhatia and Vedieka Dutt also appeared alongside Jimmy in the film.

The story of the movie
The death of fashion model Sarah Jones, a female celebrity, in London sets off a chain reaction because it suggests a serial killer has struck once more after going unnoticed for a while.

The case is being handled by DCI Lisa Varma (Vedeika Dutt), who asked to bring in Detective Amar Singh (Jimmy Sheirgill), who was previously looking into the crime. Amar has taken a break and is now an architecture professor at Oxford University.

The backstory of serial killer Kevin Da Costa (Ankur Bhatia) is poorly developed and doesn’t persuade one of the psychological harm he endures.

Since the serial killer’s identity is already known, the movie is neither a mystery nor a suspense thriller; instead, it centers on the cat-and-mouse game that the criminal and the police officer engage in.

Movie Review by the critics
A well-shot dark song and the first kill are featured in the opening sequence of the film, which offers promise. But as new characters are introduced, the narrative quickly loses steam. There’s a clash of intellects throughout the 120-minute runtime as the serial killer tries to outwit detectives while concealing them in simple sight.

A crime thriller about a fugitive serial murderer requires a knotted and interacting narrative. Operation Mayfair has an intriguing premise, but it could have benefited from a more focused screenplay and direction.

The chase and escape scenes aren’t thrilling, and everything happens too quickly. This setup has been seen far too many times: a frustrated detective who is overly engaged in the case and struggling to save his family from ruin, who ends up going against the rules and employs unorthodox methods to resolve the case.

The cinematography of Santonion Terzio and the visual appeal of the film deserves special mention.

The director of photography does an excellent job of capturing the gloomy atmosphere appropriate for a psychological thriller, the crime scenes, and London’s panoramic beauty.

Performance of the cast
Jimmy Sheirgill is well-known for his outstanding acting abilities, and he does not disappoint here. He also has the appearance of a tired detective.

Ankur Bhatia puts in a genuine effort, especially in the threatening scenes.

As in-house criminal psychologists, Hritiqa Sheebar and Vedieka Dutt are adequate.

The Final Verdict
In terms of plot, Operation Mayfair doesn’t have much to offer. Its slow pace and sloppy narrative undermine the appeal of serial killer fare. You might as well skip the theater for this one.

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