Fresh Violence Manipur Resulted In 3 Shooting Deaths And One Beheading

Three people perished in the bloody clash in Manipur between two opposing groups of village volunteers, and a fourth was beheaded. The incident occurred about 70 kilometers southeast of Imphal, where a nightlong gunfight left at least five more people hurt. After the assaults, the attackers kidnapped five innocent villagers. The Manipur district management cut the 12-hour curfew relaxation period to five hours from 5 am to 10 am.

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In Manipur, the dispute between rival groups resulted in three deaths by gunfire and one beheading

The Kumbi assembly seat’s site received a tour by CM N Biren Singh, who assured the locals that the “safety lapses” would soon be corrected.

Fresh Violence in Manipur

Along the Bishnupur-Churachandpur border early on Sunday, one of the bloodiest clashes of the conflict in Manipur, which was going on for almost two months, resulted in the shooting deaths of three people and the beheading of a fourth. The two opposing groups of “village volunteers” kept watch over their hamlet while the other was on a raid after midnight.

About 70 kilometers southeast of Imphal, a gunfight that lasted all night resulted in at least five additional injuries. Five villagers allegedly became hostages after being attacked.

Manipur CM visited the site

CM N Biren Singh visited the Kumbi assembly seat’s site and assured locals that the “safety lapses” would be fixed.

Manipur reduces the time for curfew relaxation to five hours

The Bishnupur district management in Manipur quickly reduced the curfew-relaxation duration from 12 hours to a five-hour window of 5 am-10 am following an early-Sunday bloody clash that resulted in four fatalities and five injuries.

The bloodshed occurred at the same time as two Kuki militant groups revoked the obstruction of NH-2, Manipur’s supply lifeline, at Kangui in the Kangpokpi district as part of a ceasefire agreement with the federal government and the state government. It allowed for a continuous supply of necessities such as food and medicine. Imphal and Dimapur, the largest city of Nagaland, are connected by a highway.

The United People’s Front and the Kuki National Organization’s joint statement

In a joint statement, Aaron Kipgen of the United People’s Front and Seilen Haokip of the Kuki National Organization claimed that the choice was consistent with Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s “deep concern” and pledge to “restore peace and harmony in the state” and “alleviate the plight of people in general.”

“It is anticipated that the relevant authorities will take all necessary steps to uphold the status quo and guarantee the provision of necessities to those in need. We want to take this opportunity to urge all peace-loving organizations and residents of the state to work towards promoting peace and communal harmony,” they stated.

Security sources claim

Security establishment sources claimed that around midnight on Saturday, “volunteers from the hills” attacked a “duty post operated by volunteers” on a mountain ridge about 500 meters west of Khoijumantabi village in the foothills. In the same interval, the town of Cananphai witnessed a gun battle.

The attackers kidnapped five innocent villagers

The “duty posts” of Cananphai and Langza repelled the assailants. In the shooting, three volunteers from the village of Khoijumantabi perished. After the battle, the other group set many Langza homes on fire. David Theik, a villager, was executed by beheading. According to the Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum, the attackers kidnapped five innocent villagers.

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