Manipur Violence: Ammunition and assault rifles got looted from the IRB camp

In the Bishnupur district of Manipur, a mob broke into a police armory and stole weapons and ammunition, including assault rifles and more than 19,000 bullets. The conflict began on May 3, when racial clashes between the Metei and Kuki communities occurred. The 2nd India Reserve Battalion’s (IRB) headquarters was the scene of the looting incident. The mob reportedly gathered in Naranseina to march towards Churachandpur, where tribals planned to conduct a mass burial for their dead. As the planned mass burial of Kuki victims in Churachandpur got postponed for a week, this incident has raised concerns about the state’s safety.

Manipur violence: The IRB camp in Manipur suffered a robbery of ammunition and assault rifles

On Thursday, security personnel prevented mobs—including women—from bursting a Manipur Rifles battalion at Kabo Leikai and Khabeisoi regions of the Imphal East district and the Singjamei police station by firing tear gas shells in separate locations.

Mob overstepped a police armory

The crowd violated a police armory in a new conflict and robes weaponry, including the AK and “Ghatak” series of assault rifles, as well as over 19,000 bullets of various calibers, according to officials. Since May 3, when racial conflicts between two groups erupted, the state remains on the boil. The 2nd India Reserve Battalion’s (IRB) battalion headquarters, which sits at Naranseina in the Bishnupur district, was the scene of the looting incident.

Large Number Of People Assembled For Mass Burial

Several people reportedly gathered in Naranseina in the Bishnupur district to march towards Churachandpur, where tribals planned to conduct a mass burial for their people who died in ongoing clashes.

500 individuals attacked an IRB camp

According to officials, on Thursday, when ethnic violence struck Manipur’s Bishnupur district, 500 people attacked an Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB) camp at Naranseina in more than 40 vehicles and on foot, looting ammunition and firearms, including mortars and assault weapons.

According to the 2nd IRB battalion quartermaster O Premananda Singh’s complaint to Moirang police station, the perpetrators entered the camp around 9:45 am. They crushed the quarter guard and the security officer at the main gate.

Mob stole a large number of weapons

The allegation stated, “They robbed an extensive amount of weapons, ammunition, explosives, and other accessories and that 320 rounds of weaponry and 20 tear smoke shells got fired to disperse the mob.”

Attacking firearms, handguns, magazines, explosives, detonators, hand grenades, bombs, carbines, light machine pistols, and more than 19,000 rounds of ammunition were among the weapons and ammunition taken, according to an annexure identifying the number of items taken.

Among the weapons taken were one assault firearm from the AK series, 25 INSAS arms, 4 Ghatak guns; 5 INSAS LMGs, 5 MP-5 rifles, 124 hand explosives, 21 SMC carbines, 195 SLRs, 16 9mm pistols, 134 detonators, 23 GF rifles, and 81 51mm HE bombs.

Manipur Violence

Since the tribal dispute between the predominate Metei and Kuki communities broke out on May 3, mobs attacked police stations and armories, looting about 4,000 weapons and 500,000 rounds of ammunition. In addition to uprooting nearly 50,000 people, the violence killed 150 lives.

Up until the end of the previous month, authorities could only find about 1,000 of the weapons. When the planned mass burial of Kuki victims of the violence in the neighboring Churachandpur got postponed for a week, there was a boost in safeguarding in the area.

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