Still No Relief for Manish Sisodia – Denied Bail Again

Still no relief for Manish Sisodia as the Delhi High Court on Monday denied interim bail in the on-going money laundering case stemming from the alleged excise policy scam. But allowed him one day outside jail so that he could care for his ailing wife. The bail got denied in light of the “serious” allegations against him and the potential for “evidence tampering.”

Manish Sisodia won’t get relief as the HC refuses interim bail

Manish Sisodia won’t get relief as the HC refuses interim bail in the “scam” involving Delhi liquor policy case. He requested a temporary release on the justification that he was the only person caring for his ailing wife.

The Judge’s Statement

The judge noted that the case involves “serious allegations” and that evidence tampering could occur if Sisodia, who held several positions in the city’s AAP government, were released. The judge added, “The judiciary considers it extremely hard to convince itself to release the applicant on temporary bail for six weeks.”

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The Court’s Judgement

However, Justice Dinesh Kumar Sharma granted him approval to visit his ailing wife in detention for one day at her leisure between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm.

The court suggested that Sisodia’s wife undergo a board of doctors’ examination at AIIMS after requesting a report on her from LNJP Hospital. It stipulated that she should receive the highest caliber healthcare available.

The court observed that the LNJP Hospital’s medical report stated that Sisodia’s wife’s condition was stable, and she needed constant attention.

Manish Sisodia had asked for a six-week reprieve

The former deputy chief minister of Delhi had asked for a six-week reprieve, claiming he was the only person capable of taking care of his ailing wife. The high court is considering his request for standard bail in this case.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) contested the request for interim bail

In the case brought by the ED, Sisodia, who was detained on March 9, is currently being held in legal detention. For fear of tampering with the evidence, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) contested the request for interim bail. The ED attorney also asserted that Sisodia’s wife experienced this medical condition for 20 years.

In a previous decision on May 30, the high court denied Sisodia’s request for bail in the CBI’s corruption case involving the alleged excise policy fraud, noting that Sisodia is an authority figure and the charges against him are serious.

On November 17, 2021, the Delhi government put the policy into effect; however, amid accusations of corruption, it was abandoned at the end of September 2022.

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